Message from the Chairman


Thanks to the remarkable generosity of our founders, Dilworth School has been able to provide a first-class education to more than 5,000 boys, since 1906.

We see the results of James and Isabella Dilworth’s legacy in the students who are making the most of the opportunities here and in those who have left our school and gone on to achieve their dreams.

The purpose of the Dilworth Trust Board is to ensure this legacy continues in line with the wishes of our founders. The board has the dual purpose of both governing and funding Dilworth School. We are focused on growing the business of the trust, so we can provide more and better opportunities now and for generations of students to come.

Our school has a proud history and exciting plans for the future. We have a strong and committed community including students, parents and caregivers, Old Boys, friends and staff. I feel very
privileged to be contributing to the Dilworth legacy and to be a part of what we can achieve

Aaron Snodgrass
Dilworth Trust Board