To make a bequest to Dilworth is to leave an enduring legacy that follows in the footsteps of James Dilworth - and makes an incredible difference to the lives of future generations of boys.

Why support Dilworth in your will?

If you were a Dilworth old boy, you were the beneficiary of an amazing legacy. You received an education that many families dream about. Not only that, many of you received support from the Trust Board after you left school to assist you in your studies or your work training. Making a bequest in your Will is a way to give something back to the Dilworth Community and help the students of tomorrow have a chance to reach their full potential. Just as you did.

Where will the money go?

You can request that the money be used towards a scholarship for a boy or boys (selected by the Trust Board). If the bequest is not specified, it will be used where it’s needed most: usually towards expanding our facilities so that we can increase the size of our roll and offer more boys a Dilworth education. If you’d like to specify where the money goes, or to find out where it’s needed most, please contact us.

How do I make a bequest?

You can instruct your solicitor to leave a bequest to Dilworth in your Will, or for further information on making a bequest to Dilworth, please feel free to contact us.