AthletCopy of 180216 Athletics Day 2018 (11).JPGics 2019

Athletics commences with the School Athletics day in February and the expectation is for the entire school to attend and participate.

Boys who place well in the school finals are able to compete at the Central Zone Championships.


  • February - School Athletics
  • March - Central Zone Athletics
  • April - North Island Championships
  • December - New Zealand Championships

Athletics Day 2019

Place Junior Championship House Points
1st= Phillip Hutchinson TYR 26
1st= Ula Pulega TYR 26
3rd Hohaia Whiu ARM 23
4th Damon Kitchen ARM 20
5th= Sitani-Lei Lo'amanu DON 18
5th= Timothy Burge ARM 18
7th= Kale Hamliton TYR 17
7th= Sione Tu'ungafasi ARM 17
9th Connor McIver-Rhodes DUN 15
10th= Hugo Ma DUN 14
10th= Shawn Kwong DON 14
Place Intermediate Championship House Points
1st= Quinn Yeager ARM 28
1st= Te Oranga Ormsby TYR 28
3rd Aaron Sao ARM 23
4th Barton-Ray August-Apiata TYR 19
5th Dhruva Trivedi DUN 18
6th Dylan Gayford TYR 17
7th Osian Holloway-Jones TYR 16
8th = Jack Harris-Oliver TYR 15
8th= Matthew Miya Smith ARM 15
8th= Owen Pattison DON 15
Place Senior Championship House Points
1st Beau Wing DON 30
2nd = Brandon Fifita DON 25
2nd= Caleb Vallance DUN 25
2nd = Hemi Young TYR 25
2nd= Zach McKenzie DUN 25
6th Elaijah Tuivaiti ARM 21
7th Isaac Vaeau-Mulitalo DON 18
8th Anthony Bray TYR 15
9th = Paki Matthews ARM 14
9th = Raymon Kafoa DUN 14
Place House Championship Points  
1st Armagh 452  
2nd Tyrone 434  
3rd Donegal 428  
4th Dungannon 426