Support Us

Your donation, sponsorship or bequest helps us to break the poverty cycle in New Zealand. The more boys Dilworth can help, the better off our society will be.

Whether through scholarships, donations to the school or bequests that ensure a lasting legacy, every contribution builds on the visionary philanthropy of James Dilworth and leads to truly life-changing outcomes for future generations of boys.

Providing a fully funded education for over 600 students a year is a massive financial commitment, which is expertly managed by the Dilworth Trust Board. Yet unfortunately, every year, there are many more boys who apply that we simply have to turn away.

With more funds, imagine how many more boys’ lives we could transform – and how many more families, communities and future generations would also be transformed? Like so many Dilworth graduates who have reached great heights and achieved incredible feats in their lives, we know that we can help many more boys break free of the constraints of poverty and hardship.

To achieve this, we need your help.

How you can support Dilworth

Make a bequest

Dilworth was founded with a remarkable bequest from James and Isabella Dilworth. We invite old boys and other members of the Dilworth community to build on the generous and far-reaching vision of our founders and make a bequest to Dilworth in your Will.


Sponsor a boy

A life-changing way to help Dilworth is by sponsoring or contributing towards a scholarship. You could fund a boy’s education for a year, or for the duration of their school years. We invite our old boys to give back to Dilworth through sponsorships – it is a lasting legacy that can truly turn a boy’s life around.


Make a donation

Dilworth has some major fundraising projects in the pipeline, including the much-needed expansion of our facilities in the Junior Campus (more details coming soon). Meanwhile, any donation you can make, big or small, will help more boys benefit from a transformative Dilworth education.


Get Involved

The Dilworth Trust Board welcomes donations and bequests at any time. These may be made directly to the Trust Board or to one of the Dilworth Old Boys’ Trusts. All are registered charities which means donations will attract tax relief, subject to the IRD regulations in place at the time.

For further information on making a donation or bequest, please contact our Development Manager Christine Brabender on 027 525 2423 or email