Friendship Club

The Dilworth Friendship Club provides support and friendship to parents, guardians and caregivers of students at Dilworth, as well as enhancing their relationship with the school.

All parents and caregivers are very welcome at any time and encouraged to attend Dilworth Friendship Club and other school events. This is a great opportunity to connect with other people sharing the Dilworth journey with their boys. Dilworth life is different from other schools, so sharing experiences and asking your questions of other members allows everyone to help each other, and support our boys.

The Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of the school year, and any parent, guardian or caregiver is invited to seek nomination for any vacancies on the DFC committee.

The Friendship Club hosts events throughout the year for the Dilworth community, light refreshments before/after the Sunday Chapel services at the different campuses as well as connecting with parents & caregivers at school events. Details of upcoming events are made available on the school website, by email and on boarding house noticeboards.

Each boarding house has a list of Dilworth Friendship Club committee members.


If you would like to know more about the Dilworth Friendship Club, or would like to go on the DFC email list, feel free to contact a committee member or email


AGM 2018 

The Dilworth Friendship Club (DFC) is holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday 25th March 2018.  Everyone is welcome to attend, and light refreshments will be served.


The AGM will be held in the Junior Campus dining room at 7:15pm following the chapel service.

As a parent or guardian of a Dilworth boy, you are automatically a member of the DFC and are welcome to be involved.


The DFC is currently undergoing a review process and at the AGM, members will be invited to vote on whether to accept proposed changes to the DFC Constitution.  These changes are outlined in the documents below, click on the links.  Please take a few minutes to read them and if you have any questions, email me on .


2018 AGM Agenda, Minutes of last meeting and 2017 Financial Statements

Proposed Changes to Dilworth Friendship Club

Proposed Consitution

AGM Invitation


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