Dilworth Family Connect

Dilworth Family Connect

Dilworth Family Connect (DFC) fosters networks within the Dilworth community to enhance the experience of families with boys attending Dilworth School. Through these networks we want to strengthen the support and friendship to parents, guardians and caregivers of students at Dilworth, as well as enrich their relationship with the school.


All parents and caregivers are very welcome at any time and encouraged to attend Dilworth Family Connect and other school events. This is a great opportunity to meet with other people sharing the Dilworth journey. Dilworth life is different from other schools, so sharing experiences and asking your questions of other members allows everyone to help each other, which support our boys.

Dilworth Family connect hosts events throughout the year for the Dilworth community, light refreshments before/after the Sunday Chapel services at the different campuses as well as connecting with parents and caregivers at school events. Details of upcoming events are made available on the school website, by email and on boarding house notice boards.

DFC has evolved from the Dilworth Friendship Club, which was started more than 30 years ago. We are very fortunate, due to a generous annual donation from the Dilworth Trust Board, to be able to focus on supporting the parent/caregiver community, unlike other schools who need to give considerable energy to fundraising for school resources.



As a parent or guardian of a student at Dilworth School, you are automatically a member of the DFC and are welcome to be involved.


DFC is guided by a committee of 10 people, who have sons attending or have recently attended Dilworth. They are all volunteers who provide the functional management of DFC, soon to be assisted by a paid part time Administrator. (With the changes to Dilworth Family Connect taking place in 2018, we ask for your patience as we transition into the new structure, and ensure that everything is settled and working efficiently.)


The heart of DFC is the DFC Friends who provide the support of time and effort at all the activities parents and caregivers attend at Dilworth School over the three campuses.


DFC Friends

Become more involved with the school by giving your time at DFC events and activities. This is a great opportunity to meet other families, share your experiences, and get any questions you may have answered. Like the boys developing their brotherhood, there is also the motherhood/family that builds strong bonds both at school and beyond.

Give as much or as little time as you can - we know how busy families are, but if everyone can contribute a little, then we are able to do more.

As a DFC Friend you will also receive a monthly email newsletter with helpful tips from other parents/caregivers, and receive the emails requesting help.

To become a DFC Friend, just sign up here or email us your name to dilworthfc@gmail.com


DFC Committee

President: Anna Dunwoodie

Vice President: Nicola Sheehy

Treasurer: Bronwyn Prescott

Communicator: Sharon Stewart

Friends Co-ordinator: Treena Brand

Junior Campus Rep: Annette Bradley

Mac House Rep: Samantha Watkins

Rural Campus Rep: Stacey Tepania

Senior Campus Rep: Laurentia Laracey

Past Parents Rep: Nikki Raas