About the Senior Campus

SC.jpgDilworth boys spend Years 10 to 13 at our Senior Campus in Epsom, the site of the original Dilworth farm and homestead. Here around 340 boys live together in five boarding houses within the school grounds.

The campus focus is on academic learning in comparatively small classes of 24 students, and preparing boys for work or tertiary study. Every year Dilworth consistently achieves high rates in NCEA, with our Māori and Pacific Island students scoring well above the national average.

Here boys are encouraged to challenge themselves in all they do and become the best they can possibly be. Students are able to pursue many opportunities in sport, art, language, music and more. Our senior choir has won many of New Zealand’s top accolades, our sports teams are regular tournament winners and many of our students are at the top of their game in their chosen interests.

More information is in our Senior Campus Handbook.