Cabin life

The cabin group is the most important social unit of the Rural Campus, where groups of up to 10 boys spend their year working closely with their assigned Cabin Coach/Mentor. The Senior Leadership team of the Rural Campus also provide support to the cabins.

At the Rural Campus the boys have to step up. They have daily responsibilities to maintain their cabin including cleaning and laundry duties. They also have wider responsibilities to the community through stewardship activities such as stacking firewood, native tree planting, gardening, kitchen assistance and other important projects.

Cabin coaches

The relationship with the Cabin Coach is the most significant staff relationship that a boy will have during his time at the Rural Campus.

The Cabin Coach has the pastoral responsibility to assist up to 10 students in each cabin with their Personal and Social Growth. On three mornings of every week, time is given to the important task of working with the boys on matters of personal wellbeing and connection to others. This is also an opportunity to discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Many opportunities are provided throughout the year for parents and caregivers to meet Cabin Coaches. Parents and caregivers can also ring the Rural Campus reception on 09 236 2000 to arrange a phone call or face to face meeting with a Cabin Coach.