About Isabella Dilworth Lodge

First opened in 2010, Isabella Dilworth Lodge provides temporary residential care to students needing additional wraparound support until they are able to safely transition back to the boarding house. 

We understand that the boarding environment can be challenging for young men when they are presented with a variety of obstacles or challenges in their lives. When a student faces a matter that has a significant impact on his mental health such as the death of a loved one, parental divorce or separation or issues in the school or boarding environment, they may be referred to Isabella Dilworth Lodge.

The lodge ensures a safe and caring stay, overseen by two House Parents until the student is ready to transition back to the boarding house.


The purpose of Isabella Dilworth Lodge is to provide safe, supportive and wraparound care on a short-term basis for Dilworth students facing circumstances that impact their wellbeing.


Isabella Dilworth Lodge is located at at 27F Omahu Road (near the Junior Campus). The lodge accommodation can house up to 8 students at one time.