Meet the new Dilworth Old Boys’ Association President: Steve Brown

Having spent almost eighteen years as both a student and staff member at Dilworth School, Steve Brown has recently been elected President of the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA).

The biggest influence on Steve’s life was his father’s death when he was just eight years old. Another major influence was an act of kindness by a neighbour. He remembers wanting a trolley a year or so after his father had died so he could race with the other kids in the neighbourhood. A man who lived down the road from Steve who was painting his house at the time, stopped what he was doing and built Steve a trolley since he didn’t have a father to help him. Steve attributes much of what he has done in life, to that act of kindness. An act he has constantly strived to pay forward.

Steve’s Dilworth journey started in 1969 when he started as a Year 6 (standard 4) student. He was top of his class in 1970 and was a House Prefect in 1975. What stands out most for him during his time at Dilworth were the relationships and influence that a few of the staff members had on his life.

Steve left Dilworth in Year 12 (6th form) and later started an electrical apprenticeship. After ten years of working as an electrician he started his own electrical contracting company. Steve is an avid believer that passion for one’s work is far more important than money when it comes to choosing a career. After more than 40 years of being an electrician, he says he still enjoys it.

Alongside his career as an electrician, Steve has also been a Housemaster at Dilworth which he calls the most rewarding experience of his life. “My modus operandi as a Housemaster was based upon my experiences as a Dilworth boy and observing the way good staff interacted with the boys as well as my Christian faith” said Steve. He relished being able to make a difference in the boys’ life and often received excellent feedback from the boys and their parents.


Steve Brown with Dilworth Trust Board Chairman Aaron Snodgrass

In 2018, Steve was elected to the DOBA council and in 2019 he became the first DOBA Welfare Liaison Officer. He was also a part of the team that planned the DOBA Centennial Reunion in 2019. Now, as the elected President of DOBA, he has a number of plans and ideas he’d like to see through. These include mentoring younger members to take over in the future, encouraging active participation, improving communication and interaction with old boys – especially through strengthening the bonds between younger and older old boys and to encourage old boys to remember the gift that they’ve received from Dilworth and to pay it forward.

Steve believes what makes DOBA special, unlike other alumni associations, is that all the boys come from same type of background – in James Dilworth’s words, “straitened circumstances”. He also believes that DOBA is an integral part of Dilworth because it provides a link to the past, some of the older members personally knew the very first Dilworth students who started in 1906. The other important aspect of DOBA is that it provides recent graduates with older brothers and mentors and the opportunity to then become a mentor to younger old boys and current students. But most importantly of all, he feels that DOBA is important to the school because only an old boy really understands what it is like to be a Dilworth boy.

April 21, 2020