Life changing experience at Camp Adair

June 11, 2018

Inspiring and amazing is how five Senior Campus students described a recent camping trip where they helped visually impaired young people experience the outdoors. 

Year 13 students Shaan Johari, Guneesh Jubal, Israel Grant, Jonny Haydon and Antonio Payne-Lupe attended the VIP (Visually Impaired Persons) Camp at Camp Adair in the Hunua Ranges with students from a number of Auckland schools during May.

Supported by the Remuera Rotary Club and the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, the camp provides opportunities for visually impaired young people to try activities including archery and a confidence course. Throughout the weekend, students work together to complete activities as well as games and lessons.

There were plenty of memorable moments for Dilworth students. 

Shaan says the flying fox, where students had to climb up a 20-metre-high pole and jump off a platform, was a stand out.

“I noticed some of the kids were a bit nervous and needed a bunch of encouragement to get them going. But in the end, all of the VIPS gave it a shot. This was an especially astonishing moment for me,” Shaan says. 

For Israel, the highlight was the confidence course. “Watching everyone slowly embrace the mud, some quicker than others, was a great trust and bonding activity. This particular activity brought us all closer together with the VIPs as well as the other buddies,” Israel says.

Dilworth students have attended the camp for many years and Jonny says he would definitely recommend it to future students.

“We gained so much. The VIPs who attended the camp all faced unique challenges with respect to things that we take for granted every single day, yet the joy they expressed was second to none. It inspired and humbled me and made me realise that we all have a great deal to be thankful for.”