Experiencing the great outdoors on Auckland’s iconic island

April 8, 2019

A group of 8 students and 3 adults from the Junior Campus KCC club recently had an amazing outdoor experience, staying overnight on Rangitoto Island.

Heading off on Friday morning, they hiked to the summit of the volcanic cone, explored the caves with torches, then cooled off afterwards with a swim and some kayaking.  

Just on dusk they headed to the wharf to watch the sun set, then admired the Auckland city lights and learned about the different constellations from David Blaker. This was followed by learning an absorbing new strategic card game from tutor Mr Renouff and the boys telling stories of their experiences, from the funny to the scary, by torchlight.  Being the only inhabitants on the island that night added to the atmosphere.

The next morning the Rangitoto ranger took the boys to check the coast at a certain spot where the current washes all sorts of items up and talked to them about what the job of ranger entails and what it’s like to live in a remote place. 

Rangitoto Cooking.png

“One of the tasks during the trip was making the meals for the 11 in our group from this basic kitchen. Our students did all the cooking, producing delicious burgers for dinner and bacon and eggs for breakfast on two small gas burners, all the time being surrounded by North Island Saddlebacks, piwkawaka and tui,” says Cathy Wagener.

“All in all, it was a great trip and everyone had a fantastic time,” says Mrs Wagener.