Dilworth to offer world-class Cambridge International programme


Dilworth has been approved by Cambridge Assessment International Education to offer its world-leading Cambridge programme.

The Cambridge programme is made up of three stages. Each stage combines a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment.

From the start of 2020, Dilworth will be introducing the Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary programmes to our boys at the Junior and Rural Campuses. This will begin with Maths, followed by English and Science in the coming years. The teaching staff have already been preparing for the implementation under the guidance of the Head of the Mathematics Faculty, Brenda McNaughton. Training is being provided for teachers, with support from subject experts at the Senior Campus.

When asked why the school chose to offer the Cambridge International Curriculum, Deputy Principal – Curriculum at Dilworth, Steve Bushell said “we have a school-wide goal of trying to achieve greater alignment of the academic curriculum across the three campuses. Cambridge offers a well-structured, well-researched curriculum with proven success in New Zealand schools. It is well resourced and offers teaching staff excellent support through professional development and access to online resources.”

Bushell believes the benefits of the curriculum are many and will have a positive impact on learning outcomes for the boys, specifically around consistency of content delivery “the NZ curriculum is very vague for every subject in terms of the specifics around content. It’s therefore difficult to ensure that boys studying Maths, English and Science are being taught appropriate content and skills for their year level. The Cambridge curriculum dovetails well with NCEA and prepares students for studying Maths, English and Science beyond year 10. It’s a modern curriculum with a great deal of flexibility in how the curriculum is delivered, allowing for group work, collaboration and independent thinking.”

There’s a common misconception that the Cambridge curriculum is only for bright students. Bushell reassures parents this isn’t the case “whilst Cambridge IGCSE and A levels may be geared towards higher ability students, the Primary and Lower Secondary courses are not. They offer resources at three levels to cater for students at different stages in each year level. Dilworth also has no plans to introduce Cambridge IGCSE or A Level.”

December 10, 2019