COVID-19 Updates

Update Friday 27 August

Dear Dilworth Community,

Given the current lockdown situation we find ourselves in and the subsequent decision made by NZQA to start NCEA examinations two weeks later than originally scheduled, there are some significant impacts on major school events. I will outline these changes below. Further details will be provided by the respective Heads of Campus in due course.


School-wide Events

Carols Service will now be held on Tuesday 14th December.


Senior Campus

Preliminary examinations will now be held in week 2 of term 4, starting Tuesday 26th October.

Sports awards will now be held on Wednesday 3rd November.

Leavers Dinner will now be held on Thursday 18th November.

NCEA examinations start on 22nd November and run until Tuesday 14th December.

Year 10 examinations will commence on Thursday 25th November until Tuesday 30th November.

Senior Campus Prizegiving will now be held on Wednesday 15th December.


Rural Campus

No change – other than attending Carols on the 14th December.


Junior Campus

Junior Campus Prizegiving will now be held on Thursday 16th December.

More specific details will follow. Many of these decisions have been made on the basis that we will be returning to school from lockdown before the conclusion of term three. If the landscape changes then we will be flexible with our planning and keep communicating any changes with you.

Update Tuesday 24 August
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope this email finds you and your whanau well.

I wanted to provide you just a brief update following the announcement yesterday afternoon that we will be remaining in Alert Level 4 until at least midnight Tuesday 31st August.

For our young men this means that they will continue their online learning experience for at least another week.  Please continue to provide, as much as possible, an atmosphere, attitude and environment that helps your young man stay on top of his work.  We recognise the challenges around focus and motivation for our students during lockdown and we really need your support and encouragement so that when they return to school the task doesn't feel overwhelming.

Each Head of Campus has spoken to their staff, as have I, making sure that we are setting students essential work not just busy work.

In terms of next week we were scheduled to have a mid-term break.  Our plan will be as follows:

Monday 30th August - mid-term break observed (no teaching or school work expectations)

Tuesday 31st August - no formal lessons but a catch-up day for students.  If students are up to date they can relax on this day.

Wednesday 1st September - a return to online learning (assuming we are not at Alert Level 2).

As always if you have any concerns about your son's school work please feel free to make contact with us.

I am acutely aware how challenging these times can be for both students and the wider family unit.

A reminder that our pastoral care team are available:

Rev Greg Worboys (Chaplain) or 027 589 9944

Sandra Griffin (Senior and Rural Campus Counsellor) or 021 065 3886

Ngaire Vakaruru (Junior Campus Counsellor) or 021 206 5113

I have also included an attachment that gives clarity about how to access food or essential items if that is a presenting issue for you.

God bless you all.

I look forward to seeing you again in person soon.  I am not confident when that will be but I am confident God is in control and I rest in that reality. 

Update Tuesday 17 August

Dear Parent(s)/Caregiver(s),

This evening the Government announced that Auckland will be moving to Alert Level 4 for the next seven days from midnight tonight. The move to Alert Level 4 means that we will be reverting to online learning in a similar fashion to what was offered during the last lockdown period earlier this year.

At Alert Level 4:

• ALL students must continue their online learning programme from home. Online learning will commence on Wednesday 18th August.

• Boarding will not be available at any year level.

Collection of students:


Boys need to be picked up immediately, until 10pm this evening or by arrangement with the House Leader. Please stay in your vehicle when arriving at school to pick up your son. Please text your son when you arrive to inform him of your presence. Your son will be issued with his device, charger, and musical instrument and school equipment.


Please ring reception or text the travel phone on 0212084239 to confirm your plans to immediately pick up your boys from the Rural Campus. Every boy must go home tonight.

Please confirm:

• your estimated arrival time at Rural Campus

• who your boy will be travelling with, if carpooling

• where distance boys will be residing, if not travelling home

If you are unable to pick up your boys from Rural Campus, please contact reception as we could do a van drop off to Papakura Train Station if necessary. It is not recommended that boys travel on public transport for safety reasons.

Boys will take home a school chromebook, charger and their musical instrument, if relevant. Please ensure these are looked after and used only for learning.


Boys need to be picked up immediately. Please email Peter Vos if your son cannot be picked up tonight. If that is the case you will be able to pick him up from 6.30am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Please pick up your son from his boarding house, making sure he has his device, charger, musical instrument and school equipment. When you pick up your son, please use the QR Code to scan in and observe social distancing.


We are mindful that some boys may be feeling some distress about being in lockdown again.

Please contact any of the Pastoral Care team members if you would like them to get in touch with your son:

Rev Greg Worboys (Chaplain) 027 589 9944

Sandra Griffin (Senior and Rural Campus Counsellor) 021 065 3886

Ngaire Vakaruru (Junior Campus Counsellor) 021 206 5113

Further details regarding school work will be sent out tomorrow by the respective Heads of Campus.

Please take care of your loved ones. I will be in touch tomorrow with further updates.

Dan Reddiex