Application Process

Applications for Dilworth School are open between February and July each year for entry at the beginning of the following academic year.

Each year there are 24 places for Year 5 and 48 places for Year 7 students. There may also be very limited places for Year 9 students.

Please note that applications for Years 6 and 8 are not accepted and no places are available for new students in Years 10 to 13.

Our applications process covers several stages:

Submitting the application 

  • Years 5 and 7 -  the first step is completing an application form when your boy is in Year 4 or 6.
  • Year 9 -  the first action for non-Dilworth students is to complete a Registration of Interest form when your boy is in Year 8.

Applications forms will be available to download from this page beween February and July or you can request an application form by phoning the Dilworth Trust Board office on 09 523 4887. 

You are strongly encouraged to submit your application as soon as it is completed, rather than waiting until near the closing date. The date for returning your form is on the top right hand side of the front page of the application form. This is usually one month from the date the form is downloaded or you receive it in the post.

No late applications are accepted. Applications will be returned if they are incorrectly completed, illegible or submitted without the required documentation.

Years 5 and 7 application process 

You will receive an acknowledgement that your application has been received within 10 days of receipt. Applications are reviewed as they are received.

If the application is to proceed past the initial stage, your nominated referees will be contacted in writing and your boy’s current school will be contacted. Once these reports are received, the application is reviewed again.

If the application is to proceed to the next stage, both you and your boy will be invited to attend an initial interview with the Applications Manager. These applications will then be considered for shortlisting in October each year.

Shortlisted candidates will spend a day at Dilworth Junior Campus. The day will include a tour, academic testing and some team-building games.

A week later there will be a final interview for the candidate and applicant with two Trustees of the Dilworth Trust Board and the Principal or Head of Junior Campus. 

Year 9 applications process for non-Dilworth students 

After submitting a Registration of Interest, applicants will either be invited to make a full application or advised that the registration will not proceed further.

The process for those invited to make a full application then follows a similar path to that of Year 5 and 7 applications, set out above.

Final decisions for all levels are made at the beginning of November each year and applicants will be notified of the result in writing.