The Wider Curriculum


In addition to the more structured aspects of curriculum teaching, some aspects of the curriculum may be offered outside of the formal, classroom situation. This may occur at any year level and may include some or all of the following:


Academic Tutors

Each evening, tutors are available across a wide range of subject areas to support the boys with their studies.



Dilworth has a Careers Adviser to help students with careers information, decision-making, CVs and applications for courses and/or jobs. University and Polytechnic Liaison Officers visit the school from time to time, while senior students may elect to visit tertiary institutions.



Dilworth students participate in a variety of competitions and quizzes such as Australian English, Science and Maths Competitions, Alliance Française, History Quiz, Classics Quiz.


Dean System

There is a Dean (usually an experienced senior teacher) attached to each House, who assists with the academic development and pastoral care of each student.



A formal dinner is held to honour each year's Senior School Leavers, while House dinners celebrate the achievements of the individual boarding houses and help to build up school spirit.


Field Trips

These occur in many subjects and include local, national and international destinations, as well as Choir trips and Marae visits.


Learning Support

Where a student has a particular learning need, specialised help is available. Programmes in Individual Reading, Language Development and Mathematical Development are provided for both individual students or small groups.



The Library is equipped with the latest technology and has a wide variety of books, as well as areas specifically designed for teaching, studying and reading. All aspects of the curriculum are supported by its resources, with particular emphasis being put on information retrieval skills and the encouragement of good reading habits.


Music and Speech

Visiting teachers offer instrumental and vocal tuition. There are opportunities for boys to perform in school and public concerts throughout the year. Dilworth has school choirs, bands, Orchestral groups and other performing groups. Performing groups take part in performances at festivals, churches and other public venues, and participate in secondary school competitions.


Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a structured programme, in which trained students mediate for students who are involved in instances of conflict or harassment. Conflicts are listened to and may be settled, without a teacher or other adult's being involved.


Performing Arts

There are many opportunities for the boys to take part in and experience the Performing Arts, including the Talent Quest, House Music Competition, The School Show, 24 hour Film Festival and Debating. There are also many visiting artists and performers, who perform throughout the year, and many opportunities to attend and present a wide variety of concerts and shows. There is an Arts Council, made up of Senior students, whose aim it is to promote and foster the Arts at Dilworth.



Dilworthian, Newsletters


Religious Education

Students in Years 10 – 12 participate in a structured programme, which includes religious, social and health education.


School Ball

School Ball and social events with other schools.


Sports, Outdoor Education, Recreation

A range of traditional sports are offered at Dilworth and inter-house competitions are played. All students are expected to participate in one sport per season and in the inter-house swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals. A camp is held on Motutapu Island for year 10 boys. 


Spirit of Adventure Voyages

Senior students may be selected to take part in a voyage on the youth training vessel "Spirit of Adventure." Boys who wish to participate in this opportunity are asked to apply to Mr Ritchie, in the first instance.



Sustained Silent Reading is held every day for 15 minutes. All students and staff participate.


Study Lab

Staff and senior students are available in the Library after school each day, to offer support to students with their academic work.