Residential Care

The Boarding environment is an integral part of the school life for the students at Dilworth School. It is through the provision of a safe and friendly emotional, physical and social environment, that our students have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.


The Senior Campus has 5 boarding houses:

  • Armagh (66): Year 10-12 students
  • Donegal (61): Year 10-12 students
  • Dungannon (67): Year 10-12 students
  • Tyrone (68): for Year 10-12 students
  • Wilton (75): for Year 13 students

Houses are able to maintain their individuality within the guidelines set down by the school management. Boarding House routines are an important stabilising structure providing security, continuity and consistency.

All students participate in sporting activities, both summer and winter. This involves regular practices and participation inter-secondary school competition. For most students this means that weekend leave begins after sport on Saturday morning and concludes when students return for chapel at 8:00pm on Sunday.

Recreational facilities are available in common room areas for students ‘free’ time. Computers are also available for research, study, assignments and communication.

The academic focus is reinforced through set study routines. Our objective is to develop good study habits that will follow through from junior to senior levels. Eventually we expect that the students will become independent learners and take charge of their own learning programmes, both during times set aside for study as well as outside these prescribed times.

Cultural opportunities are wide and varied. Music is especially strong with students provided with individual lessons in singing and on musical instruments if they wish.

We encourage parents to link in with house staff in order to monitor the care and well-being of their boys. This can be on an informal basis when collecting and dropping off students for weekend leave, or more formally by making appointments with house staff.

Armagh House

Armagh is one of four Year 10 to 12 boarding houses at the Senior Campus.

It was built in the mid sixties and is named after a province in Northern Ireland where the founder James Dilworth came from.

The Armagh House staff team:

Mr Luke Barnard - Housemaster: Luke is the school's Physiotherapist who also has his own private practice. He is married and has twin girls. Luke is heavily involved with the Dilworth 1st XV rugby team.

Mr Callum McGibbon - Assistant Housemaster: was Head Boy in 2004, a Tutor at RSD in Ireland and was Tutor for three years in Tyrone before moving to his current role in 2010. He is a Physical Education teacher and House Dean at Mount Roskill Grammar School. (Away for 2019)

Mr Neil Kench - Assistant Housemaster: for 2019

Mr Rob Tee - Assistant Housemaster: Rob is an old boy of Dilworth and is HOD Sport. 

Tanya Stall - Matron: Tanya has two adult children and has held numerous positions before joining Armagh in 2007. She has a pet pedigree Lowchen dog Timmy the Pirate who is the House pet and very friendly. Matron looks after all the clothing and first aid needs in Armagh.

Overseas Tutor - Lewis Herd

NZ Tutors - Heamasi Faiva & Arona Pama

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Donegal House

Donegal House is the first Dilworth boarding house at the top of the drive, beside the Health Centre. It was opened in 1969 and our sports colour is green, we represent the house by wearing this colour in all inter-house events.

Mr Alastair Patterson, House Master of Donegal, originates from Northern Ireland and has been at Dilworth for well over a decade, arriving here as a GAP student in 2000. He has had a close association with Tyrone House but has now got green running through his veins. Mr Patterson arrived to the Physical Education Department from Auckland Grammar School and also coaches the school 1st XV.

Mr Phil Glass has been an Assistant Housemaster in Donegal since 2001 after joining the campus as Head of Mathematics. Mr Glass, also from Northern Ireland, has a passion for racquet sports and is a proud Donegal man. Mr Tapu Vea is the latest addition to the Donegal House staff, coming on board as an Assistant Housemaster in April 2016. Tapu is an old boy of Dilworth and Donegal House, where he was the Head Boy in the House and later Deputy Head prefect of the school. He works in Pacific Island Health and has a natural affinity with all the boys he guides and governs in the school.

Mrs Trish Rogers is the Donegal House Matron. Mrs Rogers knows a lot about Dilworth and in particular Donegal, having had her son go through the school and boarding house. She fits perfectly into the Donegal way of life, and is the heart of our house.

There are also 3 tutors who make up the Donegal staff, and are vital to the smooth and consistent running of the house. The two New Zealand tutors are old boys who were Heads of their respective boarding houses, James Petherick & 'Ulima Kaveinga.

Our GAP Tutor from the UK is Mr Jonathan Shrestha.

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Dungannon House

Dungannon House (‘The friendly house’) is home to 67 boys, from Year 9 up to Year 12. It is one of 9 boarding houses at Dilworth School, and one of 5 on the Senior Campus. One of those 5 is Wilton House, which is the accommodation unit for Year 13. Dilworth School has been on its current site since it was opened in 1906, but the building which is now Dungannon House was first occupied in 1961, along with that which is now Armagh House.

At that time the house was known as School House, changing to Watling House in 1966. The name came from 'Watling Street', the name the boys had given to the pathway which led from the Headmaster's old residence up to the main school buildings. It passed approximately over the same ground on which the building stands today. Then in 1997, the 4 Year 9-12 houses were renamed after the school's sports houses and so we became Dungannon House.

The interior of the house has undergone several remodelling stages since it was originally built. In 1973 the large dormitory was replaced by 5 six person dorms, 7 two person dorms and the single rooms on the then mezzanine. 1994 saw the bathroom undergo a complete refit, with individual showers replacing the old communal style. In 1997 the mezzanine was blocked in and the roof altered, with windows added. 2005 saw the completion of the extension of both the Senior Common Room & the BCR, accompanied by some remodelling of the 1 & 2 man rooms aimed at increased privacy. Early 2007 saw the bathroom refitted once again, including the re-introduction of the baths.

Finally, 2013 saw the replacement of the 5 six-person dorms with 10 two-person dorms, plus another 5 two-person dorms added down in the area of the former Prep Room.

Mr Iain Adamson is the Housemaster and has been a Housemaster for 30 years, 24 of them at Dilworth and in Dungannon. His personal major interests are Olympic Wrestling, Rugby League and reading fiction. He has two adult daughters and is a teacher of English at the Senior Campus.

The Assistant Housemasters are Mr Brett Glover, a Science teacher, and part of the Dungannon team for 23 years and Mr Ben Carey, a Mathematics teacher, who is now in his second year in the House. Mr Glover is an avid cricketer, the school’s most vocal supporter of everything Dilworth and the father of two grown up daughters. Mr Carey is a keen musician and the father of two young children.

Our lively and cheerful Matron of eleven years is Mrs Judy Barrett. Matron was the Senior Campus' very popular Weekend Matron before taking over her present position.

Our NZ Tutor is old boy Mitchell Freestone-Leong and our overseas tutors are Mr Ben Hawkins & Mr David Maxwell.

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Tyrone House

Tyrone was constructed in 1994 and officially opened in 1995. St John House as it was originally named was built to accommodate the increasing number of Dilworth students. The house underwent a name change to Tyrone House in 1997 when the four Boarding Houses synchronised their titles with the four 'Sports' Houses. Our sports colour is blue and we represent the house wearing this colour in all interhouse events.

Tyrone is the largest boarding house in the school. It has a view of the swimming pool and is accessible at the southern entrance of the school from Mt St John Ave. The house is able to accommodate 71 students, 4 tutors and it also has a separate matron flat.

The Tyrone House staff consists of: Housemaster, Mr Brent Denny who also teaches Physics and Science.

Mr James Hart, is an Assistant Housemaster who also teaches Media Studies.

Ms Sarah French is the Weekend Housemaster.

Mr Sione Finau joined the Assistant Housemaster team in 2014. He is a familiar face at Dilworth having been a student here and also a Tutor in Tyrone House for the last 4 years. Mr Finau is currently completing a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree at Auckland University. He is coach of the Senior A Volleyball team and the coach of the 2nd XV rugby team. Mr Finau also plays rugby for Grammar Tech Rugby Club.

Our Matron is Pauline Buchan.

We have three tutors who are vital to the running of our House. They are old boy Mr Tainui Wharawhara and overseas tutors Mr Will Parker & Mr Henry Ames-White.

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Wilton House

All boys, in their final year, come together into one house. Wilton House is the senior hostel that caters for the holistic needs of our Year 13 boys. We try to instil attributes such as resilience, indepdendence (as well as interdependence), teamwork and education for life.

This requires some changes from the routines of the other senior campus boarding house. Each boy has his own spacious room. There are additional facilities for recreation as well as the ability to make light snacks and do some of their own laundry. Boys are given more freedom but are also expected to take greater responsibility for their conduct and performance.

Wilton House was opened in 1997 and named after Old Boy (1946 to 1954), academic and former Headmaster (1979 to 1997), Dr. Murray T Wilton. The House is divided up into 3 lodges: Erin, Hobson and Watling (former names to our current top Houses [they are known as A, B and C lodge respectively]).

The current Wilton House staff are:

Housemaster - Mr Jacob De Berry; who teachers Physical Education and Maori here at Dilworth.

Assistant Housemasters - Mr George Petelo & Mr Micheal Butler.

Tutors - Mr Michael Walden, Mr Nathan Hauraki, Mr Ihaka Pink & Mr Wiremu Te Hiko

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