Christian Foundation


James Dilworth’s Will requires the Trustees to ensure that Dilworth students be given a Christian Education, grounded in the traditions of the Anglican Church. Accordingly, the school is affiliated to The Anglican Church in Aotearoa – New Zealand. The Bishop of Auckland serves as the school’s Episcopal Visitor and visits the school on a regular basis, reporting both to the Trustees and the Anglican Church.

Chapel services are central to the spiritual life at the school. Two days a week, each Campus assembles for a brief service of Morning Prayer. On Sunday evenings, students attend Evening Prayer held on their Campus, when they return from weekend leave. It is expected that parents and guardians of the boys attend these services regularly.

Chapel Services follow the Anglican liturgical year, incorporating Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas. Special services such as Baptisms, Confirmations and Anzac Day Service are held in the Chapel. Wedding and funeral services are also an integral part of our Chaplaincy, as we serve the wider Dilworth school community.


Religious Education

Luke 2 verse 40 describes Jesus as a young man in this way: “And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.”

This verse encourages us to help young men grow physically well and strong. Secondly, the verse underlines the importance of helping young men grow academically, in wisdom and knowledge. Thirdly, the verse calls young men to grow spiritually, through and in the grace of God. This holistic and balanced approach underpins our Religious Education Department.

The Chaplain and the Religious Education teacher, Mr James Hannah, work together to ensure the boys are given a Christian Education. Students attend one RE lesson per week.


Senior Campus

RE at the Senior Campus involves study of the life and times of Jesus, and how they relate to life in the 21st Century. There is also an outward focus on local, national and international issues, especially with regard to the Christian faith and how it shapes ethical decision-making. There is course-work, giving an historical overview of the Anglican Church and also an introduction to philosophy is offered to senior students.