Careers and Transition

Careers at Dilworth School

Deciding what to do when you leave school can be a very intimidating decision! It’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life – you really don’t need to know! What you DO need is a firm sense of direction and a realistic plan for your first steps into adulthood and the world of work.

Dilworth employs a Careers Advisor to work with boys, teachers and House Staff to find the best pathway for each individual.

  • Discuss your interests, talents and aspirations – and where they might lead you
  • Discover what subjects you will need for further study, where this study could lead you
  • Access information on polytechnic/trade courses
  • Find information on University study options, entry requirements and scholarships
  • Learn how to write a good CV and cover letter, and develop your interview skills

ALL year levels are welcome. It’s never too early to start learning more about yourself, exploring your options and setting goals.


Introduced to the Senior Campus in 2016, DreamCatcher is the vehicle from which students start their career journey. This is a web-based student-centred career management system. It allows students to make subject choices, record ideas about their future intentions, set goals (academic, personal, careers), develop self-management skills and investigate career opportunities, among many other things, as they work out the best pathways for themselves.

It is accessible to students, their parents or guardians/caregivers and staff from any device that connects to the Internet. The calendar on the DreamCatcher software notifies students of upcoming careers events throughout the country and important dates for applying to tertiary institutes. DreamCatcher is a hugely valuable aid for the career process and can be accessed by visiting

The Career Development Competencies

The Careers Department at Dilworth School, aided by Dreamcatcher, provides a range of opportunities and experiences that encourages students to make informed choices about their future career pathways.

Our ultimate aim is to empower our students to self-manage their career and personal development throughout their lives. We want them to continue to do this long after they leave school, and what they learn at school is a crucial start.

To give our boys a great head start, we aim to help them develop an identified set of career management competencies.  Each competency involves a set of understandings, skills and attitudes required to successfully manage life, learning and work.

The competencies, which are based on international research and practice, are grouped into three areas:

1. Developing Self Awareness

Young people need to be able to understand themselves and the influences on them. We seek to assist them to:

  • Build and maintain a positive self-concept. For example – knowing who they are; their interests, skills, qualities and cultural and personal values
  • Interact positively and effectively with others
  • Change and grow throughout life

2. Exploring Opportunities

Students should be able to investigate opportunities in learning and work and relate them to themselves. We aim to encourage them to:

  • Participate in lifelong learning to support life and work goals
  • Locate information and use it effectively
  • Understand the relationship between work, society and the economy

3. Deciding and Acting

Young people need to be able to make and adjust their plans, to manage change and transition, and to take appropriate action. Careers Counselling and Coaching can empower students to:

  • Make life- and career- enhancing decisions
  • Make and review learning and career plans
  • Act appropriately to manage their own careers


All boys in years 11 and 12 spend two hours each week on transition skills. They are taught skills that will help them in later life, when they leave Dilworth School such as:

  • Driver education
  • Financial literacy
  • Computer skills
  • Job applications
  • Child development and parenting
  • Living away from home
  • Study skills