Assessment and Reporting


A variety of assessment tools is used at the Senior Campus, to assess the learning needs of the boys and to monitor their development and progress through to their final year at Dilworth.

All teachers assess the academic progress of the boys through regular marking of their work and, when necessary, more formal testing. Once the boys reach Year 11, this is supplemented by Internal Assessments, which go towards their NCEA qualification.

Twice a year, the boys are expected to sit formal examinations, to test their understanding of their learning up to that point. In the case of boys working towards an NCEA qualification, these examinations will be practice versions of the NCEA external assessments that they will sit in November/December.

Dilworth School is committed to improving the literacy levels of the boys in our care. To aid us in achieving this goal, asTTle tests are administered at the beginning, and again at the end of Year 10.

asTTle (Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning)

asTTle Reading and Writing are assessment tools developed for the Ministry of Education by the University of Auckland, and enable teachers to track the progress and achievement of both individual students and groups of students against national standards.

asTTle Tests are administered at the beginning of the year, to set levels and identify learning needs, and again at the end of the year, to monitor progress.



Written reports are sent to caregivers three times a year. There are also two occasions, when caregivers are expected to visit the Senior Campus to meet teachers and discuss their boy’s academic programme.

Assessment and Reporting schedule