About Senior Campus

Dilworth boys spend the last crucial, formative years of their school journey at the Senior Campus, on the site of the original Dilworth farm and homestead in Remuera.

Here, around 350 boys live together in five boarding houses, located within the school grounds. Classes are comparatively small: only 24 students per class. Sometimes even fewer. By now, friendships are usually well cemented, routines are well established and the boys have learned to make the most of every minute of their time here.

Our Senior Campus offers boys stability and structure at a hugely important time in their lives: as they become young adults.  We expect the boys to work hard, to be responsible and self-disciplined. Every opportunity is provided for them to develop into fine young men, in an environment in which tradition, brotherhood and community are honoured and valued.

Excellence is encouraged and celebrated in a supportive environment, where talented, experienced teachers implement innovative teaching programmes, as well as taking an active role in the pastoral care and guidance of their students. This, coupled with an emphasis on 'best practice' in residential care and teaching, means the Senior Campus journey develops resilient learners with a strong sense of community. 

When they leave our gates at the end of Year 12 or 13, many of our boys go on to further study at universities or technical institutes, while others pursue careers in the trades. In the words of James Dilworth, the aim is for every boy to go on to “make a positive contribution to his community, as a good and useful member of society”. And they do.


Our academic results are excellent. Yet it’s the subjects that aren’t on the curriculum that make the difference.

While the focus is on achieving academic qualifications and preparing boys for work or tertiary study, Senior Campus life is about so much more than academic learning. Whether in sports, art, language or music (or all four), our boys are encouraged to challenge themselves in a wide range of activities, and to become the best they can possibly be.

The results we achieve are extraordinary. Not just academically, but in every way. Every year, Dilworth consistently achieves high rates in NCEA, and our Maori and Pacific Island students tend to score well above the national average.

And that’s just for starters. Our senior choir has won many of New Zealand’s top accolades, our sports teams win tournaments regularly and many of our senior boys are at the top of their game in their chosen field of sports, arts and music.

For our staff, the best thing is watching these boys discover talents they didn’t know they had. And harnessing those talents to win awards, pass exams, earn sports and music scholarships or become school prefects or house leaders.

In short, to achieve things they might never have imagined possible.

“I went from believing there was nothing for me, to being surrounded by possibility.”
– Simon Curran, Old Boy, Dilworth Board Member, Entrepreneur