Rural Campus

There’s nothing like a few nights spent outdoors to teach kids how to reach for the stars. That’s the thinking behind our rural campus. And it works.

Co-Curricular Activities


At Te Haerenga, cultural activities will be encouraged as part of the elective programme. Students with an interest in cultural activities will be able to participate in electives such as dance, drama, Kapa Haka and other cultural pursuits. The staff will strongly encourage participation in cultural activities.

The Rural Campus staff has a strong commitment to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and all students will, as part of their academic programme, develop an understanding of Te Reo me ona Tikanga Maori which will include powhiri, karakia, waiata and haka.


Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Students will have the opportunity to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award during their year at Te Haerenga. Many of the campus activities in the outdoors and service areas will be able to be used to gain the award. The award will be administered by the teacher in charge of Duke of Edinburgh Awards at the Senior Campus and supported by the Rural Campus staff.


Evening Electives

In addition to the evening study programme, students will have the opportunity to participate in electives, which are related to their areas of interest. These will include activities which extend their interest in specific curriculum areas, such as French, Maori or Technology, or may be related to interests and hobbies of the campus staff, such as martial arts or sport. Students will have the opportunity to provide input into the type of electives that are offered.



An important aim of the Te Haerenga programme is to improve the fitness levels of students. Boys will train regularly, in a range of different disciplines, to develop core strength and aerobic fitness. Activities in the fitness programme may include cross-country and road running, callisthenics, wrestling and interval training.


Music Tuition

Students who are learning musical instruments will have the opportunity to have tuition in the evenings, on a weekly basis, delivered by trained staff, who will be brought into the school. Wherever possible, students will also be encouraged to make the most of modern technologies and will have the opportunity to practice with online tuition and ipad application. Boys will not be removed from class to attend music lessons, as these will occur after school, minimising disruption to their academic learning programme. Students will also have the opportunity to practise their instruments in their spare time.



Boys at Te Haerenga will not be involved in organised, inter-school sport, as is the case at other Dilworth Campuses. However, opportunities will be provided for boys to participate in inter-house and cabin sport and also to participate in school-wide sporting events at the Senior Campus, such as Athletics and Swimming Sports days. If a student is at regional representative level in a particular sport, he may be allowed leave to attend trainings and matches, by request to the Head of Campus.