About Junior Campus

For many, the Dilworth journey begins at our Junior Campus in Remuera, where nearly 200 boys are introduced to boarding school life - some as young as nine years old. Each year, we accept around 24 boys in Year 5 and around 48 boys in Year 7: places that are hotly contested.

Dilworth’s Junior Campus was opened in 1993, and has a roll of 192 boys with a maximum class size of 24 students. We aim to offer a challenging, enjoyable and excellent learning environment that combines traditional values and modern technologies.

Along with academic education, life at our Junior Campus is about positive relationships and individual responsibility. We provide a nurturing, positive and student-friendly environment, supported by Christian values.

The Junior Campus offers a very broad curriculum (following the New Zealand Curriculum), with the aim of giving every boy the opportunity to find his unique talents and strengths. We set high expectations and standards, backed by clear rules and routines. At the same time, we encourage and reward success that comes from positive attitude and effort - because we know from experience that success develops self-concepts of confidence, competence, contribution, character and connectedness.

We operate a specialist teaching system, which means that specialist teachers, who are passionate about their area of expertise, teach particular subjects. This enables a wider group of teachers to be actively involved in the education of each boy, provides a broader view of the child’s performance and well-being, and enables us to cater to each boy's specific learning needs, whether for extension or learning support.

Does our approach work? We know it does. Many of our students begin life at Dilworth below standards academically. But by the end of Year 8, the vast majority of students above standard in literacy and numeracy. Almost all of them are learning musical instruments, playing sports, making friends and learning good study habits that will last them a lifetime.


Boarding school life: a home away from home.

What makes our Junior Campus unique compared to most primary and intermediate schools is that every student is a boarder. The boys live in hostels with all the amenities of home: often more. They sleep in bunkrooms of six, which is their first lesson: how to get along with one another. They’re supervised and cared for by our wonderful house matrons, house masters, assistant house masters and tutors, who are there to offer a caring shoulder or a helping hand whenever needed.

While our amenities are simple, the boys have everything they need. Clean uniforms and sports gear are supplied and they have shared spaces to study, play music, play sports or just hang out. Meals are shared with teaching staff in the communal dining room and all food is healthy, nutritious and designed to fuel growing, active boys.

In the words of one of our boys, “it really is a magic place.”

“It is a very, very special school – the best thing that ever happened to me. They were family. I had no father and three sisters. Then suddenly, I had hundreds of brothers.”- Peter Bowden, Old Boy, Property Manager