A scholarship to Dilworth is unique, a great start in life for your boy and something to be treasured. It is a real and enduring benefit for you and your family.

A life-changing scholarship to Dilworth is a full scholarship covering tuition, boarding, books, uniforms, sports fees and music tuition. It is a significant scholarship, worth in excess of $35,000 per boy, per year.

Scholarships awarded for Years 5 to 8 continue only up to the end of Year 8. A formal application system is in place for existing students to be considered for Year 9 at the Rural Campus. Similarly, boys wishing to proceed to Year 13 are required to submit an application for entry to this level, detailing their academic goals, as well as the ways in which they might contribute to leadership within the community.

Each boy is interviewed prior to approval being granted for continuation of his education at Dilworth School. However, scholarships may be reviewed at any time. The Trustees may terminate a scholarship if significant behavioural issues arise or if it is in the best interests of either the boy or the school community as a whole. It must be emphasised that this process does not penalise students who struggle academically, but who try their best and display positive attitudes.

The scholarship does not cover travel to and from home nor any activities that are not part of the normal school programme.