Dilworth School has a number of positions for Tutors every year. These are staffed by a mix of overseas tutors and local tutors, who live and work in the boarding houses, assisting the boys day to day and also with their sports. The local tutors will work or study during the day, while overseas tutors also assist with classes during the day.

Overseas tutors are recruited from a range of places, including the UK, South Africa and Australia. They are expected to arrive in time for the third term (mid July) and work until the end of the following second term (mid July). During the holiday periods, tutors are able to travel in NZ, Australia and the Pacific. During term time, they are committed to supporting Dilworth boys in their many activities. It is a very rewarding role for young men who get involved in the life of the School. The more tutors give to their role as a tutor, the more they enjoy themselves and gain huge rewards. Many tutors maintain a connection with the school and return to visit later in their lives.

Tutors are often school leavers taking a ‘gap’ year from their studies. However, we also accept university students, who may have completed a degree and want a ‘gap’ year experience before entering their chosen career or pursuing further study.


What does the job of overseas tutor involve?

The position is deemed to be a voluntary assistant, for which there is a living allowance paid. In the context of Dilworth School, it is easier to divide the job description into three parts. It must be understood too, that there are variations between the specific tasks at the different campuses.


The House

The tutor works as part of a house team. Generally, the tutor is likely to assist with the following:

In the morning:

  • getting the boys up
  • ensuring beds are made, and the dorms left tidy
  • ensuring the boys complete their morning jobs

In the evening:

  • helping to supervise prep (homework)
  • supervising the period after prep, before lights out
  • supervising boys at bedtime, ensuring that they settle after lights out

As well, there are supervision duties in the dining room.

Tutors will work on a roster with the other tutors in the house and this work will include some weekend time.


The School

During the school day, you will be assigned to a variety of classes, depending on your interests. You will be assigned to assist with the physical education programme, the learning support programme and possibly to assist students with tutoring, or helping with subject areas, in which you have particular interest. As such, you are regarded as a full staff member and work with the teaching staff as part of the team. You will be given one weekday off, to do your own thing.


Sports Coaching or equivalent

The third aspect of the position is sports team coaching. You will be assigned a team to look after, to coach or manage in a code, in which you have some experience or skill. You might like to help with a sport you know nothing about. At the Senior Campus, most sports games are held on Saturday morning, as part of the secondary schools competitions.

There are also opportunities to support the music and performing arts programmes, and to get involved in cultural activities, including Kapahaka.

The more tutors give to their role as a tutor, the more they enjoy themselves and gain huge rewards.


Applying for a Tutor's position

If you are an overseas student, interested in a year at Dilworth, please click here to apply now.

If you are a local student, interested in a year at Dilworth, please send your CV and application to j.clark@dilworth.school.nz