Dilworth maintains a proud tradition of actively involving every student in school sport. We encourage the boys to participate in extra-curricular sporting activities, and to do their absolute best. In fact, many of our students are at the top of their game in their chosen sport.

We aim to foster active participation and social interaction, provide opportunities to improve personal and leadership skills  and develop a sense of fair play.

Participation in sport not only builds a strong school spirit, it also enables students to experience the benefits of being involved in competition. Involvement of both staff and students brings positive benefits to the classroom, boarding house and other learning environments.

The success of sport at Dilworth relies on volunteers working behind the scenes, to promote both individuals and teams. Each sport relies on the support of staff, parents, caregivers and senior students taking on a variety of roles,  such as coaches and managers. We are grateful to those who can support in some way and warmly invite anyone interested in being a coach, manager or volunteer, to contact the Sports Department for further information.

We also encourage students, parents and caregivers to keep us updated about all individual sporting achievements outside of the school.


For further information, please contact Grant Truman, Head of Sport on 09 523 1060 (Ext 871) or by email: