Cultural Activities

Cultural activities form a large part of the Dilworth experience for students across all three campuses. Whether in art, language or music (or all three), our boys are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves in a wide range of activities - and to become the best they can possibly be.

Participation in a wide range of cultural activities is encouraged and the boys are keen to be a part of the many experiences offered in music, drama, dance, kapa haka and one–off events.

In addition, competitions such as House Music and the Talent Quest provide opportunities for all boys to perform. All school functions are supported by musicians, speakers, dancers and actors, who have the chance to showcase their work on stage. These are great opportunities for parents and the wider school community to see what their boys have achieved and for the performers to test themselves in front of a larger audience.

Cultural activities in their many forms, are an essential part of life at the school and contribute significantly to the boys’ development into well-rounded individuals, who can contribute to the cultural life of their community.


The transformative power of music.

Here at Dilworth, we believe passionately that every boy should have the right to learn a musical instrument. Thanks to the vision of James Dilworth and of our Board, we are able to offer individual music tuition to more than 80% of our students and group lessons to all.

The difference it makes to these boys is phenomenal. Some of our boys have discovered musical abilities they didn’t know they had. Many have reached the highest qualifications in their chosen field of music, and others have gone on to reach the world stage.

What’s more, our school choir is among the best. We know this because Dilworth has won several categories of the ‘Big Sing’, New Zealand Secondary School Choral Festival over several years. Music is a powerful thing and even more so when it sets a boy on a path to something new.


“Dilworth transforms boys’ lives from having small dreams to big dreams.”
– Nathan Hauraki, Old Boy, Opera Singer