Chairman & Principal

A total of only forty-four Trustees have, through their wisdom and foresight over more than one hundred years, seen the vision of James and Isabella Dilworth nurtured and grown. Today the school they founded has a position of eminence and a proud educational heritage.

As a young boy I gained admission to Dilworth and it is now my singular honour to serve as a Trustee. One aspect of this role covers the final selection interview for new entrants; this is not only a constant reminder of the need for Dilworth in our community, but also a source of great encouragement, with young boys subsequently seen to realise their potential when otherwise it might not have been possible.

We endeavour to implement the vision of James and Isabella Dilworth to take into the school good boys from disadvantaged families and make them better. We enable them to leave the School with a good education and with dignity.

A scholarship to Dilworth is a great start in life and can provide a real and enduring benefit.

- Jon Wain, Chairman, Dilworth Trust Board

The selection of a boy for a Dilworth scholarship begins a journey for the student and his family, which often lasts for at least seven years. During that time, staff at Dilworth School endeavour to teach, encourage and care for the student in many different ways, and in a wide variety of different situations.

The wish of the Founders, to educate young people to become "good and useful members of society" is a guiding motivation at the centre of everything we do. The Anglican foundation of the School, with Christian Education programmes in Chapel and classrooms, provides a strong framework of faith and values for the present and the future.

The Rural Campus provides a year of blended outdoor education and traditional curriculum for all Year 9 boys.

Dilworth provides real skills for life, as well as excellent qualifications and support for future study.

Dilworth really makes a difference.

- Donald J MacLean, Principal, Dilworth School