In 2003 Dilworth appointed its first paid archivist, who was given the daunting task of doing something – anything! – with the pile of historical material, which had been accumulating in the top of the A-Frame since the 1990s.

Eight years on and the School Archive is still very much a work in progress. Work continues week by week to identify, preserve, catalogue and store the records of the School and its Founders. Efforts are undertaken to acquire and preserve historical material relevant to the Dilworth community. Donations of photographs, memorabilia, written reminiscences and all kinds of School ephemera are always welcome.

In recent years, work has been undertaken to research both James and Isabella Dilworth more thoroughly and to correct the errors and assumptions made about the history of both the Dilworths and their School.

Each month, time is spent researching information for descendants of our Old Boys. Unlike most private schools, Dilworth does not have the multiple generations of individual families attending decade by decade, and so descendants of our oldest Old Boys often have no point of contact with the School. Accordingly, the School Archive can be good starting point for members of the wider Dilworth family, enabling them to reconnect with the School and with their part in its heritage.

Thus, in addition to the mechanical tasks of preserving, cataloguing and making available the records of the School’s foundation and history, at the heart of the School Archive is a desire to provide a repository for our stories; the stories of both James and Isabella Dilworth, and of the School that is their gift to the unfolding life of the city.

The Archive is staffed most Thursdays and Fridays of the year, and Archivist, Evan Lewis (, is always pleased to hear from Old Boys, their families and their descendants. The Dilworth Archive is also available to former staff and their families, as well as to people working in the wider field of historical and academic research. Visitors are always very welcome, by appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.