Safety and Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is a priority at Dilworth School. We are committed to providing a safe and caring school climate that ensures the welfare of all students and protects them from harm.  

In 2018, the Dilworth School Trust Board commissioned an independent review by leading psychologists and experts of the school’s child safety and protection policies, education systems and wellbeing programmes. 

The review resulted in recommendations, which Dilworth School has introduced to enhance the safety and wellbeing of our students. These include:  

  • Working closely with Safeguarding experts and Child Wise Australia to embed a child safety and protection framework into all school policies and procedures, focusing extensively on child safety. This included embedding the Child Safeguarding Policy and the Safeguarding Code of Conduct for all staff. All Safeguarding policies have been shared freely with other schools.
  • Maintaining regular communication with students about what they can do if they feel unsafe and the support systems available to them.  
  • Implementing accessible pathways for students and families/whānau to give feedback, raise concerns and make complaints to Dilworth, including establishing an anonymous reporting tool. 
  • Ensuring Dilworth captures the student voice about what makes students feel safe at school. 
  • Supporting ongoing and sustainable education and training for Trustees, Trust Board staff, school staff, volunteers and students about the importance of safety and wellbeing for everyone at Dilworth School.   
  • Creating a dedicated committee to oversee the implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures. 
  • Making safety improvements to our buildings, including mandatory standards for sightlines, to ensure all movements around the Dilworth campuses are monitored.  
  • Developing a culture where students are encouraged to speak up and speak out about any issues, knowing that adults will listen and act. 
  • Being one of the first schools in the country to appoint a full-time Safeguarding Officer, who supports students and staff across all three Dilworth campuses. The Safeguarding Officer works closely with the Strategic Leadership Team to ensure systems, processes and practices have a robust safeguarding and protection focus. 
  • Employing a full-time registered psychologist to support all Dilworth students and families/whānau. With an increased need for mental health support in Aotearoa, having our own psychologist onsite means there is no wait time for Dilworth students who need to access the services of a qualified psychologist.