Dilworth Old Boys' Association (DOBA)

Whether you have just left school or been away for years, every former student of Dilworth is eligible to join DOBA, now and at any time they wish.

 In June 1919 a small but enthusiastic group of senior boys, conscious that their own school days were coming to an end and anxious to retain the friendships they had forged and their links with Dilworth, arranged a meeting with a group of former pupils. That informal gathering was effectively a first reunion of Old Boys and was the genesis of what eventually became an active, influential and vigorous organisation – The Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA). A constitution was subsequently drawn up, and on 19 September 1919, the first official meeting of DOBA took place. Those in attendance confirmed the constitution whose aims were: 

• To foster fellowship among the Old Boys 
• To encourage Old Boys to retain their interest in the school 
• To support and encourage the school in its work 
• To assist school leavers in establishing themselves in the community and in their careers. 

Apart from some minor tweaking, our constitution has remained largely unchanged. 

The Old Boys’ Association has for over 100 years fulfilled those aims, and with your participation we will continue to do so. 

Get involved in the DOBA

We encourage you to attend DOBA organised events and school activities. These provide you an opportunity to catch-up with other Old Boys, current and former staff, and importantly, engaging with today’s Dilworth boys – continuing the legacy of building a rapport with our future Old Boy brothers, whilst inspiring them to make the most of their time at Dilworth. 

 DOBA organises a range of activities throughout the year, including: 

  •  Our annual AGM and Founders’ Weekend dinner 
  •  Regular (monthly) gatherings at the Beerspot (location & date announced in our Facebook Group) 
  •  Bi-annual Country Reunions 
  •  DOBA Christmas gathering (usually late November – details will be announced in advance) 
  •  DOBA Quiz nights (a new initiative starting in 2021) 
  •  Year 13 BBQs – twice a year 
  •  Junior Campus Cockhouse

Keep an eye on the school calendar, your email, our Facebook group or the Dilworth calendar for details of upcoming DOBA events. Please register your email if this is your preferred communication method (hyperlink needed). 

DOBA Council

Our Council consists of nine elected positions and one non-elected position – that of the immediate past-president. 

Your DOBA Council for 2021 is: 

President (email: president@doba.nz): Steve Brown (1969 – 75) 
Vice President (email: support@doba.nz): Gerry Smutz
Communications Officer (email: council@doba.nz): Mark Easton
Secretary (email: secretary@doba.nz): David Mossman 
Treasurer (email: treasurer@doba.nz): Pernell Callaghan 
Immediate Past President: (Non-elected position: Vacant following Cody Carnachan’s resignation on the 3 May 2021) 
Honorary Legal Counsel & Councillor: Bruce Stewart 
Councillors: Connor Bindon, Dean Ginders, Michael Hanuman, Sione Finaulahi. 

If you are interested in joining the DOBA Council, you need to have paid your membership fee (Subs). We hold our Annual General Meeting in March each year – so come along, get involved – this is your association; active participation is the key to strengthening the bonds in our association. 

DOBA Council Meeting Minutes

A summary of recent DOBA Council Meeting Minutes will be uploaded to the website in the near future.


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