Dilworth Scholarships

All Dilworth students are awarded a full boarding scholarship, including tuition, books, uniforms, sports fees, and music tuition. It is a significant scholarship, worth more than $35,000 per year.

Receiving a Dilworth scholarship can be life-changing. It can be of enduring benefit to students whose families cannot provide them with the quality education they know their boy deserves. 

The scholarship does not cover travel to and from home or any activities outside of the normal school programme.

Scholarships are awarded to students for Years 7 and above at Dilworth School.

Update: Families affected by COVID-19 are now eligible for Dilworth scholarships.

To assist families affected by these challenging and unprecedented times, Dilworth’s application criteria for scholarships now includes families impacted by COVID-19.

If your family is experiencing financial difficulty due to the current crisis, you may be eligible to apply for a fully funded, boarding school education for your son.

Click here to check eligibility criteria and/or apply for a Dilworth Scholarship for your son.